GREY WOLF SQUADRON SHIPYARD|Parts for 1:144 Scale Combat Warships


We produce 1:144 scale parts for WWI & WWII Warships. Please click on the categories below to see the parts that we have to offer.

Our parts are primarly used in radio-controlled model warship combat battles.  These ships fire CO2-powered BB cannons at each other in attempts to put enough holes in the other ships to sink them.  As such all our parts are manufactured to be either strong enough to withstand combat and survive (still looking pretty) or else to be cheap and easy enough to simply replace.  We manufacture parts from primarily three different resins, the benefits and characteristics of which are explained below:

Resins in G.W.S.S. Parts

"Standard" Resin

This is our original standard resin. Middle-of-the-road compared to our other options below. May be sanded, drilled, and/or tapped.  Turrets and superstructure pieces made of this material have held up to many seasons of battling without cracking. However, impacts from BB's do leave small dimples in the face of the turrets (preferred by some captains as 'battle scars').

"Termite Armor" Resin

This is the original rubbery-like resin used by Peter Kunisch to make his famous "Termite" armor.  It is heavier than the standard white resin. It is just elastic enough to not be damaged by BB's but strong enough to not stretch or be marred during use.  It may be cut with a knife or drilled (best with a high-speed drill or Dremmel tool).

Flexible Foam

This is an expanding closed-cell foam. It is extremely light and will float if knocked off the ship during combat. The closed-cell structure will NOT absorb water, however it is not strong enough to deflect direct BB impacts (over time the foam parts may "pucker" from hits and/or lodge BB's inside them, requiring some form of maintenance or replacement).

Please feel free to contact us [Contact Page] if you have any questions about our products or their suitability for use in your application.